Admission Requirements

Thank you for your inquiry and consideration of Akhepran International Academy for your child’s educational journey.



  1. Registration Form
  2. Student Application 
  3. Tuition Contract
  4. Commitment Statement 
  5. Technology Contract
  6. Medical Form
  7. Student Forms (Accident Insurance, Student ID, Medicine Authorization Forms)  (3) forms enclosed).
  8. Return to School Form
  9. Device (technology) specifications.
  10. Supply and Materials list (HEADPHONES are also mandatory).
  11. COVID 19 On Campus Student Protocol.
  12. Informational Brochure.
  13. Student Handbook – Code of Conduct, Discipline and Uniform Policy document.


  1. READ IN FULL the school Informational Brochure (2020.2021).
  2. READ IN FULL, and where applicable SIGN and SUBMIT at the applicable time the:

– Commitment Statement

– Technology Contract

– Tuition Contract

– Student Handbook (conduct rules etc.)

  1. Email the undersigned with any preliminary questions.


  1. Complete and submit to the school office, the Placement Exam registration form and non refundable placement exam fee of $75.00 should you decide to proceed. *NOTE: The Placement Exam can be scheduled upon request.  Please contact the school office.  A mandatory interview of the student and parent is required with the Principal should you proceed with enrollment.


  1. After receipt of placement exam results, inform the office if you will proceed with enrollment.
  2. Complete and submit to the office the Student Application form along with the one time new student New Student Registration Fee ($100 – non-refundable) and New Student Enrollment Fee($500 – non-refundable).  The fees can also be paid via online bank transfer.  See brochure for account information.


  1. Pay the initial tuition payment to the school account ($1000) by July 1st. Can also be paid via online bank transfer.  See brochure for account information.
  2. Complete and submit to the office all remaining admissions documents (#3 – #8 below).
  3. Read and comply with guidelines provided in the:

– Device Specifications – MUST be followed precisely for best results and communication

– Uniform and Supplies & Materials List


TOTAL AMOUNT DUE upon enrollment of a new student is $1600.00.  

This is based on the registration, enrollment and the initial tuition payment.

A monthly payment schedule has been extended for the balance ($500 per month – $450 for primary school – paid on the first of each month for the period October 2021 –  April 2022 = $3500 for the year – high school).

NOTE: the total tuition is $4000 for the year for primary students, therefore, the tuition balance would be $3000.00.

You can, however, opt to pay the balance using the standard payment schedule outlined in the brochure (there would be 4 equal payments remaining: September 1st, November 1st, February 1st and April 1st).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Documents that should be submitted to the office immediately for processing are:

  1. Registration Form (form #1).
  2. Student Application (form #2).
  3. Tuition Contract (form #3).
  4. Commitment Statement (form #4).
  5. Technology Contract (form #5).
  6. Return To Campus Form (form #8 – specifying which date your child will begin on campus learning).
  7. Transcript (or report cards for primary students)
  8. Proof of Payment. (simply submit to the office or via email a picture of the Commonwealth Bank deposit slip once payment has been made.  Ensure to write the child’s name on it).

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. Thank you once again!  I look forward to hearing from you and prayerfully welcoming you and your child to the Akhepran family.