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"Board Of Directors"













 2013 ADASTRA March 3 Grades K and 1 (37)


Seba Ahmed Azzahir                         

President and Chancellor

 International Khepran Institute - Minneapolis Mn.



   The celebration of five years of divine grace and favor for Akhepran International Academy is significant as it is connected to the Time / Temple and building of the pyramids. The Pyramids of Giza marks a   certain cycle of time. 26,000 year cycles. That’s how far our ancient Africans planned ahead.  Today you have all entered a Temple teaching Space that proposes to prepare young scholars to become global leaders. Once again we will be celebrating ancient wisdom and values of our great, great, great grandparents and hence we may begin to think as our ancestors did. To think and plan into the future. To plan in the physical sense. Akhepran International Academy represents the power of thought of the Africans on the planet once again.  As you sit, observe, listen and enjoy the performances offered by the scholars, you have to think about how your African ancestors lived, created and survived. The    vision of this school and the building is once again put in place so that our children,   families, leaders and elders may tap into the intelligence of the heart. Brother Dwight and Sister Jacinta, you have done well. Akhepran International Academy is the place where you are going to free the mind. The students will begin to think again. You are going to think, plan and succeed outside of the box. You will become the teachers and global leaders. You will teach your people knowledge about ancient Kemetic and African traditions because that is who you are.  Then you will begin to discover that thousands of years ago people of other races and cultures borrowed from and used your knowledge.  You must  restore the greatness of your ancient ancestors by knowing and teaching the knowledge to our people.  Without cultural knowledge there is no identity. We have been cut off from our knowledge and our ability to think.  Akhepran Academy institution is GREAT.  It is my honour to sit on the board of     directors and to help make this building …this temple GREAT. To think as your ancestors did …is GREAT!  Congratulations to all of you for a job well done!!       

                                   Seba  Ahmed  Azzahir

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