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Akhepran Aviation in Action


Akhepran International Academy uses the Ministry of Education Curriculum as a base to prepare scholars for successfully passing the BJC and BGCSE examinations as well as the SAT and ACT college entrance examinations. However  a major thrust of the vision and goal of the Board of Directors and AIA leadership team is to provide courses and training for our scholars in career paths which are in short demand. As we scope the future needs assessment data for careers in The Bahamas and around the world we tweak our program course offerings to enable our scholars to qualify to apply for the positions. Under the leadership of Captain Fredrick Mcphee, Aviation Scholars are being introduced to the world, knowledge and experiences of the sky via classroom instruction, fieldtrips, practical projects and most enjoyably flight simulation experiences. Recently the scholars completed a comprehensive tour of Lynden Pindling International Airport. The scholars were taught about the necessary safety precautions and methods used, the baggage handling protocols, customer service ethics, and the duties and qualities of a pilot.

Getting into flight school became a bit harder after the September 11th terrorist attacks, especially when it was learned many of the al Qaeda hijackers learned from or practiced flying with the multitude of instructors in Florida. But now the airlines are leaning on these institutions to hurry up and train pilots, as the industry in Dubai, Asia and US is facing shortage as pilots get too old to work. The 2015 Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association (Racca) spring conference in Phoenix opened April 28 on a somber note as members aired concerns about a tangible shortage of pilots affecting their operations. Racca’s membership comprises both Part 135 and 121 operators, some of which fly passengers as well as cargo. Traditionally, Racca member companies act as a stepping-stone for pilots building flight time to apply to larger airlines, but regulatory and other circumstances have vastly thinned the flow of pilots in the pipeline to Racca members.

“We have a serious crisis going on in our industry,” said Racca chairman Tim Komberec and Empire Airlines president and CEO, addressing the opening session at the conference, which was attended by more than 300 people. “There’s much debate about the pilot shortage in the United States and in the world, but there is absolutely no doubt that at our level where we perform, where we recruit pilots from and where we are on the food chain, we have an extremely serious problem and it has taken on crisis proportions. And the thing that is so worrisome is it’s going to affect all of us. We need to see if we can collectively find ways to find solutions to help fix what’s going on.”


Here at Akhepran we have begun to play our part in the solution. Aviation in Schools.


Lynden Pindling Intl. Airport Trip with the AIA Scholars in the Aviation Programme 2015

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