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Akhepran Making Tribune Headline

  Akhepran International Academy scholars received a rare and unforgettable Media Headline treat on Thursday 26th November when they visited the Tribune Newspaper and Media House for an English Language assignment with the teacher Mr. Allen. Grade 10 scholars were given a very detailed tour of the newspaper facilities and received lessons and demonstrations on the full production process of publishing a daily newspaper. They met reporters, printing technicians and Editors who explained their various roles in helping the team meet their goal of having the newspaper ready for 4am and getting the news to the Bahamian people. The scholars were very intrigued and attentive to the presentations and processes and asked discerning questions to learn just a little more. Mr. Allen celebrated their answers and responses equally well and is assured that there are several budding reporters to come from class of 2018. The highlight of the trip was watching how their class and group photos were uploaded onto the mega screen accompanied with a News Story. They watched and marveled as the Akhepran logo was copied and pasted from the school's website and pasted in full color on the front page of the Tribune. Smiles and amazement filled each scholar and staff to see the ease with which the story was created and most of all to receive a personal copy to share with their families and friends. [Headline Story was only a demonstration...The actual story was published on page 6a of the Tribune]. Great Job and much thanks to the wonderful team at Tribune Media!




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