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"BGCSE Exams"


Language Arts




The Ministry of Education Guidelines for coursework:

1. All candidates will be required to show evidence of detailed study of two texts covering two genres. 
2. Candidates must have a coursework folder, which must contain two (2) pieces of work, one(1) of which must be written under classroom supervision and the other as an independent study. 
3. Each piece of work should be not less than 400 words in length.
4. All coursework pieces must be completed by the end of February of the Examination year.


Religious Studies

1. Question / Problem
            “The Bahamian Society today makes much provision for Senior Citizens.” Discuss.


a. Definition of the term “Senior Citizen”.  [KU 3]

b. A discussion on the assistance rendered to the elderly by the government.  [KU12]

c. A comparison of the care of the elderly past and present.  [KU 15]

d. An examination of the work and contribution of TWO Senior Citizens of The Bahamas.  [I 25]

e. A discussion of some suggested services that can be rendered to the elderly.  [JPR 10]

f. “Families should make some adjustment at home when caring for elderly relatives.” What are your views?  [JPR 10]

g. An investigation of TWO institutions that care for senior citizens.  [I 25]

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