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"Food & Nutrition"


Food and Nutrition for Healthy Living is a 14 week course catering to 7th through 12th graders who  meet once per week.  Grades 7 -9, meet from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday afternoons and grades 10-12 from 3:00 to 5:00 on Wednesday afternoons. It is designed to give students a wide scope of instruction that will allow them to make wise and informed food choices for healthy (balanced) living.  The course has its focus on developing students’ understanding of the nutritional components of food as they relate to the creation and maintenance of good health in the individual, the family, the community and the world.  Food shopping and preparation and entrepreneurial skills are also an important aspect of the program. Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to discriminate between foods that are poor in nutritional value and that can negatively impact health and foods that are rich in nutritional value and that can positively impact health.   

This course does not prepare students to sit the BJC or BGCSE but gives them invaluable life skills that can serve to help them become informed and discriminating shoppers, consumers and entrepreneurs of food that serve to promote good (balanced) health. This course promotes making choices that will lead to healthy (balanced food) lifestyles and hopefully a reduction in preventable diseases in the community. Instructional experiences will include a strong emphasis on practical work that is augmented by theory, research, field experiences and presentations from food and nutritional experts and other health conscious members of the community.


1.  Develop an understanding of the importance of choosing the right nutritious foods for the proper growth and development of the body.

2.  Recall the main nutrients needed for the proper growth and development of the body.

3.  Develop an understanding of the negative effects on the body of food lacking in nutritional value

4.  Understand what is meant by processed and non-processed foods giving examples

5.  Compare and contrast non-processed and processed foods based on nutritional content

6.  Understand what is meant by junk and fast food and be able to name products that fall under those categories

7.  Understand what is meant by live food and be able to name products that fall under that category

8.  Compare and contrast live and junk and fast food

10.  Create a rationale for choosing to consume or not consume foods labeled junk and fast food or live food

11.  Analyze and evaluate familiar lunch menus for their nutritional value 

12. Create a lunch menu that is made up of live food (only live foods) 

13.  Understand what  is meant by a balanced diet (food lifestyle) and create menus for various occasions and consumers using the concept of a balanced diet 

14.  Understand the various classifications of vegetarian diets and vegan diet 

15.  Create menus based on vegetarian and vegan diets 

16.  Develop an  understanding of what is happening to our food supplies in the 21st Century  (Monsanto)

17.  Based on  knowledge gained in the class, create a food store that sells only nutritional products 

18.  Based on  knowledge gained in the class create a restaurant that sells only  (balanced)/nutritious meals 

19.  Plan and prepare nutritional, appetizing and tasty meals for different individuals and  occasions 

20.  Create a business plan for selling a nutritional product to the Bahamian and world  market 

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