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Rev. Kellen Russell Senior School Coordinator

Grade 12 Homeroom

Religious Studies

Miss Nichola Smikle

Junior School Coordinator       Mathematics

Mrs. Esther Young             Primary School Coordinator                        Grades 6  &  5 Homeroom

Generalist Teacher

Rev. Jane Rolle

College & Career Guidance Consultant

Leanora Symonette Hawk

Grade 11 Homeroom

History and Social Studies

Mr. David Brown

Grade 10 Homeroom


Mr. Kevin Glinton

Grade 10 Homeroom

Biology Physics & Sciences

Mr. Llyod Allen                    Grade 9 Homeroom   English Language

Mr. Philip Blyden        Grade 8 Homeroom     Carpentry and Art

Mrs. Samira Petaawii    Grade 8 Homeroom


Coach Sanchez Moss    Grade 7 Homeroom     Physical Education

Miss Khalilah Khalfani  Grade 7 Homeroom   Accounts*Office Procedures

Mrs. Janet Sands

Grade 3 Homeroom

Elementary Specialist

Mrs. Carlene Burrows

Grade 4 Homeroom

Elementary Specialist

Miss Ana Johnson

Grade 2 Homeroom

Elementary Specialist

Miss Rebecca Curling

Grade 1 Homeroom

Early Learning Specialist

Mrs. Alicetine Thompson

Administrative Assistant

Miss Lillian Flowers

Cafeteria Manager  & Cosmetology Instructor

Mr. Kevin Knowles

Security Officer

Mrs. Stacey Martin

Security Officer

Mrs. Marsha Smith

Cafeteria Cook

Miss Ryiesha Flowers

Cafeteria Staff

Mr. Trevor Vincent

Barber Instructor

Mr. Zebulim Anafo

Twi and African Instructor

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